Assistive Devices In The Kitchen



This is just something that I do not get to hear often discussed by either consumers or inventors to which this article is trying to call to both. There are just hardly any assistive devices in the past nor in the future for the kitchen. Sadly this is what the outcry from people living with difficulties has been calling for since they have to have other people make their food. There is nothing that is worse than feeling powerless in your own life, but hopefully, you will have a small understanding of it by the end of this article.

A Neglected Field

Just as having someone wash you or change your clothes, it is the small task that leaves us the most powerless. Think about that faint time where you were proud to have the power to wash or change yourself finally. These are the points in a kids life where they are given their first taste of power. This is why it is all the more saddening when this is taken from you by some unfortunate stroke of luck.


To show just how neglected this field, there was a rather light hearted article on a one handed man woe throughout his life. Two things that stood out the most to me was relating to the kitchen such as washing his hands and the dishes. Now, as for the dishes, there are some that will suggest a dishwasher but what are you to do for pots and pans that are even heavy for people with two arms? As the author like to put it as well, have you ever tried washing just one of your hands without the help of your other hand? It is nearly impossible, and there is nothing to help you do this easily as of today.



Soloing in the Kitchen

Now before you start to think of the thousand and one’s way that you can make money off of this then know that there are essential innovations that have gone into helping those with one arm. These are all of the limited options that we have:


Scoop Plates – These are plates that have taller rims on one side as this is design to make it easier to pick up and makes spills practically impossible. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and variety to fit your needs.


Food Guards – This is a much cheaper option than getting scoop plates that work just as well. It is a food bumper/guard that goes on the rim of plates to offer the same support. One of the best on the market is My Plate Mate.


Adapted Silverware – If you find it difficult to control your food, then this is the option for you. The food is made easier to control with bendable or customizable handles. You bend the hand by biting down on one end with your mouth and bending it in the direction that you design. This is useful not only for one handed people but also for people with paralysis, arthritis, and amputation.


Rocker Knives – So instead of the slicing motion that is designed with most knives, this is intended to cut food in a rocking motion instead. These can be as sharp or as smooth as you would like them. The handles also come in a variety of designs so that you can choose one to cater to your specific needs.


Cooking Through the Pain

Sadly there were not many devices that could help you in the kitchen with arthritis. Now all of the devices that we listed for helping people in the kitchen with one hand can also be used to alleviate the pain from cooking with arthritis as well. Here are just a few tips that helped me with my arthritis.


*Replace the doorknobs in your cabinets with handles as these are less stressful on the hand to get open.


*To cut fruits such as apples use an apple corer or whatever equivalent. For things without any instrument immediately lay the slice on its side, hold the slice in place with a fork and cut the outer skin with a pairing knife.


*Hate whisking? I found that a handheld electric drink mixer works just as well. They all tend to be lightweight.



*Contrary to the popular belief, put your pots and pans up higher to eliminate any bending on your hips.


*There is no need to shake your sauces as you can roll it with your forearms and elbow for the same effect.