Aesthetic Therapy Benefits: Destressing Your Busy Mind

Why go to art counseling? Let’s discuss how creative therapy helps.


Why Creative Therapy?

One summer, I enrolled at a local driving school and worked as a part-time assistant instructor there in my late teens.

My friends and I had the best time of our lives deep in the water. Someone brought their GoPro camera, and we took as many photos as possible with the corals and the school of fish. But then, as we went a little deeper, my oxygen tank malfunctioned,

and I lost air instantly…


That was the day I lost the hearing in my left ear. Worse, the doctors could not tell me if it was a permanent disability or not.

Creativity To Coach And Heal

On the outside, I told my family I was okay. On the inside, though, I felt lost. As a music major, my sense of hearing was crucial if I wanted a career as a singer or musician.

My family suggested I do therapy.


On this particular day, I came across a group of people with their easels and canvases out on the shore, making paintings, probably doing creative therapy.

I observed them for a minute. Everyone seemed so peaceful.

As they packed their stuff up, I decided to talk to their leader, technically a creative therapy professional who uses creativity.

The creativity counselor told me that her group, which used creative therapy, consisted of individuals who felt depressed and stressed for various reasons. I asked if I may join their next creative therapy session, and she agreed readily.

Art counseling truly helped. As someone very interested in creativity, doing creative therapy helped me find myself.

Creative therapy made me more eager to continue my medical treatment. Creative therapy did something.

After almost three months of hearing almost nothing, it suddenly came back.

I could not thank my doctors enough for their help, but I knew that creative therapy had a special participation in my recovery process.


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