Temporary Blindness: Seeing The True Side Of Love

If we are given only two choices on how we would live life, what would you choose between being born legally blind or sudden blindness at the peak of your career? 

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Tough choices, right? Nonetheless, whatever we choose remains the fact that we would all become visionless, life in the Black Hole forever.  

To be born legally blind makes us wonder how beautiful and cruel life can be. Here are the two sides of this situation – either we view it negatively, thinking life was unfair for making us legally blind that we cannot even see the people we love, and become a burden to them. And the other part is we still appreciate life and feel blessed that we get to experience life’s wonderful blessings. 

On the other hand, sudden blindness could make us resentful or grateful towards life. Resentful in such a way that we might feel life is punishing us. We may also feel thankful that at least we were able to see the world. These possibilities would only depend on how we view life regardless of our vision, and most of the time I usually think of those possibilities happening to me. Betsy Zaborowski, PsyD, says, “Today, the opportunities are better, but it is still a challenge. You have to have confidence in yourself or no one else will.”


True Love Or Love Out Of Necessity 

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 I have watched a movie about a young woman who was at the peak of her career, and temporarily became blind; adding the fact that she was living alone, and coming from heartbreak, feels as if life has hit hard on her. Though it was a temporary blindness, it was still hard for her to continue her life. As she was living out her ignorance, she was able to realize many things that made her value life more than ever. She met a person who made her feel loved. But the irony of it all, by the time she got her eyesight back, she lost the guy in a tragic accident.  

The movie reminded me of someone who failed to notice the person who genuinely loved him because he was too busy “catching fishes in the sea.” Despite it all, the girl never left his side, as she continuously supported him in all his endeavors, and it does not matter whether she is appreciated or not. The girl silently cries out her heart every time she feels taken for granted, but then again it does not matter. She thought she would never get tired of doing things for him, but she was wrong. As his attention was with the others, she decided to finally free herself from him, realizing that she was also temporarily blinded, not seeing her worth. When she came up to her senses, she left without any word. That made the person noticed all the things she has done for him until he finally realized that she was the one he has been looking for all this time, but it was too late for him as the girl whom he took for granted for years was no longer dependent on him.  

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The girl has found a new partner that reciprocate her affections. The other guy felt nothing but regrets, while she is now in pure bliss. Steven Stosny, PhD, says that “valuing others makes our self-value soar while devaluing others only causes reactivity and resistance.”

Life has many twists and turns, and it is up to us on what turn we are ready to take the twist. The temporary blindness we have given us the opportunity to find ourselves and realize our shortcomings. It can set us free or leaves us with regrets. Just as Katherine Schneider, PhD, says, “You have to learn to do some things differently, and you will encounter certain obstacles, but you can still go after the good life- just, differently.”