The World Of Assistive Devices



We take for granted how we are always one stroke away from losing one of our senses. Thankfully we live in a world where these disabilities will not hinder you as much as they would have a hundred years prior. If you never took a moment to appreciate this simple fact, then at least now learn more about the assistive that made this possible. You will never know when you might need one.


I am one of the many people that can now have a quality education despite my visual impairments. Thanks to the use of computers, we can also achieve marks that now seem exclusive to just people with glasses. We can put the assistive devices that help people fight blindness in three categories:


Assistive technology such as computers as their ease of functions such as text to speech or closed captioning. You can also consider glasses to go under here was well.


Everything else is categorized as optical recognition systems such as braille. There are even systems in place now that will speak the braille to you or turn it into text for others.



Now you might think at first that there is no way that you can replace your sense of smell and to that, I will say, welcome to the future. The Scentee is something that is straight out of a science fiction novel. It was first created in Japan by the hard work of Adrain David Cheok and it is currently popular in Britain. This device can give people who cannot smell a sense of smell through their taste since the taste are closely related. It works on the same technology like vaping, but the smoke is more of a strange powder.



Unfortunately, after searching the web for any assistive devices on the internet for hours, there was nothing that can help you regain your sense of touch. In turn, I begin a search to see how you could lose your sense of feeling complete to see nothing worthwhile. Outside of horrible incidents (such as a fire or horrid stings) where there was a fire, there did not seem to be many ways that you could have just lost your sense of feeling.


Now while there is nothing that could help us in our time, there are things currently being worked on that should help this. How is this possible? Well as outlandish as this sounds, we have found the secret to skin growth and replacement. It is not a beautiful process nor cheap, but we now have the technology to return people’s sensitivity. Hopefully, we will find a way to make this less expensive and more accessible to all.



There is a fantastic article on this site that covers hearing aids in detail but to summarize it up there are not many different types of alternatives for this sense. This is the only sense where technology has evolved leaps and bounds over the years. The hearing aids that we had a hundred years ago were cumbersome, ugly, and was as efficient as cupping your ears with your hand. The ones that we have today are stronger than human ears!




To round it all out, this is just like touch but several degrees more. There is no one working on currently trying to help people regain their taste because it is virtually impossible to lose it without the use of hard drugs. People give you a lot fewer symptoms when they think that your senses could have stayed the same if you had not made a wrong decision. Remember kiddos; this is the real reason that you should never do drugs!